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    Aug 7, 2010
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    I just wanted to write to thank the experts here extra much for "edumacating" me on my options for air gaps and dishwasher drain systems. I read and read all sorts of super interesting information here (including from an absolute amateur who apparently argued against needing an airgap - don't worry I took the experts' advice) and decided to do the airgap.

    My dishwasher only directed adding an air gap if the waste drain was below 20" from the floor. My waste drain was about right at 20" but "Plumbing Principle 15" from HJ (if my memory serves) really helped me have a better understanding of why the high loop had some specific safety flaws and why to protect my family and friends I should take the step of adding an air gap.

    I also learned a lot about how to handle the ptrap, baffle tee and regular tees I needed. I have a nice 1/2" drain drop per foot of PVC and basically followed the terrific drawing done by Terry here for where to put things. It all worked out wonderfully. I really appreciate getting all the advice here and feel completely confident that adding the airgap was the right thing. If it hadn't have been for this forum I would probably have never known. So "Cheers" to you fine folks. That's all thanks. :cool:
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