Something new to me - Water Trash Pumps

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    I'm in full Post Prep Sandy Mode....adding various things here and there.

    Something new to me are Trash Pumps.

    For starters, the low point in my house tends to overflow..
    Unfortunately for me, my newly installed check valve did now work this year...
    What I had done last year, was to use a surface pump to pump water into the tub.
    From the tub, I had a Zoeller Sump sitting in there pumping water out.

    A pit/etc is not really a option. It's a finished basement...

    Fast forward.
    With the Sump, the pump's power is just doing the pumping direct

    I'm curious. For water trash pumps, aside from a bigger engine/bigger inlets - how much SUCTION/PUMPING power is lost due to it doing 2fold - both suction and pumping from a distance. I'm not going to run this indoor - due to gas engine, but I am curious is it more powerful than than the Zoeller if I am running the suction from these types of pumps about 50 Feet Away (20 feet away from the house/30 feet to the tub) + the pumping is alot shorter since the engine is pretty much outdoors already.

    EDIT - POST Posting this
    Not going to work for my I would have preferred to buy and use a flat hose (just due to space).
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