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    May 20, 2005
    Several months ago one tile was coming off of my shower base. Somehow that one tile has resulted in the removal of the entire shower, the shower pan (fun with an air hammer!), all the greenboard/drywall, the toilet, and the vanity (all of the above broken up into little bits so that the city will haul it away in the weekly trash) , and I am now staring at the Sterling Ensemble Vikrell Shower Module that is waiting to be installed -- the shower unit that *did not come* with a drain.

    From what I've read there are two types of shower drains -- one that can be chemically "welded" to the drain, and a brass type that just slips over the drain. (The drain is plastic). Which one is better?

    The bottom of the old drain from the old tile shower pan is currently still attached to the drain pipe (this looks different from drains that are for plastic enclosures). This part appears to be "welded"/glued on. I assume I need to cut this off. Do I do that with a hacksaw, or a dremel tool?

    Are the steps that I will need to take the following: cut off the old drain, extend the pipe with some extension (would this be welded on?), install the new drain tailpiece & locknut on the shower pan, then finally position the pan over the pipe?

    Will I need to take out part of the floor around the old drain, to do the above? (This is second floor, with a room that I don't want to cut the ceiling out of below the bathroom).

    I seem to recall seeing a TV show that recommended putting insulation anywhere that you can when installing a shower enclosure to keep the hollow sound down. Any thoughts on this?

    Final question -- I thought I had read that one should always put mud under plastic shower pans even if the instructions say you don't need to. The Sterling instructions say to only do this if the floor is uneven. The person helping me in this project thinks that Sterling would certainly instruct us to put mud under the pan if there would be any problems with *not* doing it, as they have a 10 year warranty. Any opinions on this?

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