Shower drain leaking, pics attached

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We did a gut renovation of our house 4 years ago. New plumbing throughout.

Relatively new shower is having some issues. Recently noted a slow dripping sound through the walls downstairs when the shower is running. Thought maybe there was a leak between the wall or floor tiles, but pouring water directly into the drain itself results in the dripping sound.

I pulled off the metal decorative drain cover as well as the plastic filter and I’m confused by what I’m looking at. I cannot identify a drainage pipe itself. The black drain piece does not seem connected to anything directly and floats above the floor of what you see in the photos. I have to imagine that the lack of a seal is causing the leak, but I’m a complete amateur.

I’m going to reach out to the plumber who did the installation, but can anyone shed some light on what was done here and what might have to be done to fix the leak? Understand of course that the leak theoretically could be from anywhere. Disappointed that a 4 year old new installation would leak like this and trying to anticipate what our plumber is going to recommend.

Thanks so much for any insights!


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