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It's 3 months old Eddie, let it die

Good idea!

No point in arguing when the difference between a SharkBite and a Schwinn Coupling can't be realized...

As far as relying on EPDM o-rings to hold back water under pressure I guess we'll just have to sweat it out over all the Pro-Press, flushometers, faucets, mixers, and other stuff that uses o-rings to seal...

I'm Sweating... Some of them time bombs have been ticking 35 years without a problem yet...

Oh well...
I'll continue to use SharkBites in situations where there use is warranted...
They have saved the day for me and my customers on many occasions...
They are a valuable tool in the plumbers tool box, but they aren't the only tool in there...
The key is knowing when to reach for it....


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What's not honest about billing for hours of time? I thought that is the whole point of doing service ;)

Ask yourself (if you are old enough) what on earth did plumbers ever do before sharkbites, aav's, ferncos, flexi supplies and all the other labor saving miracles we have now. I'll tell you what, WE MADE MORE MONEY! and we did it the right way.

i agree. wise man once told me. make it hard for them to work on. as soon as joe blow realizes he can make a connection with bare hands and even use a span wrench to remove it. what are you going to do with all your copper fittings
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