Sewer Inspection Report - Advice Needed!

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    Hey all, we are quite far along in the process of buying a house and got the sewer inspection report back today. When we met with the inspector he seemed to think a proper cleaning would suffice. I know very little about it, however, and have some concerns around potentially uncovering more problems.

    Would really appreciate a bit of feedback! Thx.

    Sewer Report:

    The 4” sewer pipe pipe was accessed from the soil stack cleanout in the Southeast corner of the basement utility room between the furnace and toilet. The cast iron pipe flows to the West then turns North at a wye connection with the plumbing from the West side of the house. There is significant buildup of sediment and scale throughout the cast iron pipe. At 30’ the pipe turns to the Northeast. At 44’ the pipe turns to the North toward the street.

    The pipe connects to the city main between the sidewalk and curb 3’ East of the manhole. There are no significant cracked or offset sections of pipe and the pipe has positive uniform slope throughout.

    Recommendation: The pipe needs to be cleaned with a sewer cabling machine to clear the sediment and scale buildup and prevent sewer backups. No other repairs are necessary at this time.
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    I'm no expert on this but a few things should be known. If it is all draining with no issues it's hard to include a price negotiation for future repairs. For one, what is the age of the pipe? How long is it from the home to the street if it ever needed replacing? Any large trees along the pipe run? The camera did not suggest any sagging or dips in the pipe or root intrusion?

    Any resale of old homes are rarely perfect and trouble free. If the house is a good buy with problems that will need attending to, just put that in the budget. From your description a good clean out should be good for a many years. CI pipe is good for 50-100 years.
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