Sewage pump hammering.

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    I installed a sewage pump for a basement bathroom, and I hear a loud noise every time the check valve closes. Is there any way to reduce the amount of noise from the water hammer? I have the pipe secured to a joist, but it doesn't seem to help. I swapped out the Flotec check valve that had clamps securing it to the PVC with one that's larger (white plastic) with compression fittings, and that didn't help either. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Zoeller check valve

    try getting a Zoeller check valve somewhere.

    they are made of a cast iron body and seem to be pretty quiet...

    abvout the same price as the plastic.

    also something else you should do is NOT tie that pipe to any joist.

    that is just transferring the sound to the woood and you will always hear it..

    you ar better off to hang the pipe to the rafters with strapping and
    maybe wrap the pipe with a towell or something first where you are going to put that hanger....

    anything to insualte the pipe and keep it from transferring that jarring soiund into the wood.

    any hangers you have on that pipe should be wrapped with a towel or rubber armaflex first then re-hung and it should keep the sound down.
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    Quiet Check Valve

    There is a 'quiet' check valve manufactured by Magic Plastics.
    The sales rep is T. Matera & Associates (630) 769-0400/fax (630) 769-0401. You can call or email me to find a local
    The quiet check valves are sold with white or clear bodies.
    Part #'s:
    0823-15, 1½" Quiet Check Valve (white)
    0823-20, 2" Quiet Check Valve (white)
    0823-15C, 1½" Quiet Check Valve (clear)
    0823-20C, 2" Quiet Check Valve (clear)
    Hopefully this info helps :D
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