Searching for "Long Hub" Over fit 3" (or 4x3)Toilet Flange?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by JR Moore, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. JR Moore

    JR Moore New Member

    Jul 5, 2014
    Anyone know of a "long hub", Over 3" toilet flange?

    I'm replacing a toilet flange which has a 3" (3.5" OD) PVC vertical drain pipe in the cement. I hammered out the cement and removed the old toilet flange. However, the old vertical PVC pipe has a very small hairline crack in it at the top 1" or so. I am looking for a closet flange which will fit over the 3" pipe but extend down farther than the standard 4x3 flanges. The standard flange only covers the top 3/4" of the vertical pipe when placed at the finished floor level. I'd like to go down perhaps 2" farther than the standard 4x3. Ideally, if it had 6" long hub, I could cut it down to my needs.

    I have found several 3" x 6" long hub replacements that fit INSIDE a 3" pipe, but just due to flow restriction and alignment considerations, would much prefer to go outside the 3" pipe.

    Does anyone know the make/model of a "long hub" 3" or 4x3 closet flange? PVC preferred but ABS is acceptable. Looked all over the internet and can't seem to find one. Maybe I'm approaching the problem incorrectly? However, to cut off the pipe and replace it would be a major job.

    Thanks much!
  2. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2013
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  4. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    You use a standard coupling and a "spigot" flange that slides in to the coupling.
  5. JR Moore

    JR Moore New Member

    Jul 5, 2014
    Ya, I was wondering if that might work...just using a 4" to 3" reducer coupling to make my 3" pipe into a 4" pipe and then hooking up with a 4" inside fit closet flange. If that works, that should be a pretty simple attachment. I will try that. My only concern is that it might be too high, giving me the opposite problem. But I will try it. Hopefully the lengths will work. I should be able to cut down anything that's a little too long.

    Thanks for the input!
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