Running Pex in slab versus attic

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First time post here. We are building our forever home on my wife’s family farm. It will appear to be a barndominium but will be stick built with 2x6 studs spaced at 16 inch on center. Foundation will be a 4 inch monolith slab. I’m trying to do most of the plumbing myself, I have quite a bit of plumbing experience in my career (commercial kitchen repair and installation), but have zero experience in plumbing in new construction. The house will be spray foam insulated including the underneath of the roof deck, so the attic will be conditioned. We will also have wood heat so that is our backup in case of power failure. My question is, would it make sense to use a manaloc manifold and run home run lines in the attic to each fixture? This seems like the easiest way to do things, but my FIL is concerned about freezing and mice potentially chewing up the Pex. I’m not concerned with freezing because our house will be so well insulated and have wood heat, but do have concerns about mice. Is there a product to protect pex from rodents or should I sleeve it and run it in or underneath the foundation? Or is there any other way that makes sense for this build. I will attach a floor plan to get an idea of the runs.
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