Roll a wye on a 3" wet vented (thru 2" shower) horizontal main drain to fit a 3" horizontal toilet drain 6.5' long

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I'm trying to clean up some existing shoddy plumbing done in the early 70's.
Existing conditions are a toilet, 3" horizontal drain going 6.5' thru a "vent 90 elbow" into a sani tee on it's back. Yes, I know, lots of no-no's here lol.
The toilet drain runs inside (parallel with) a joist bay, and 90 degrees into the horizontal main drain running abreast of the center beam of the house, all boxed in with little wiggle room.
The horizontal main drain is wet vented upstream with a 2" shower drain.

My primary goal is to drain the toilet thru a 1/4 bend (down) into a 45 and a wye on it's back, but it may not be possible due to clearance.

Space might force me to roll the wye about 45 degrees to gain some height allowing 1/4" pitch on the 6.5' long toilet drain pipe.
The question:
If I need to roll the wye 45 degrees, what fittings will give me the shortest rise yet functional operation while turning 90 degrees?
Is there such thing as "least worse?" lol....

Thank you!
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