Rising static pressure???

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Five months ago installed a canister style filter for my fridge and woke up to it leaking around the seal, looked almost like where the two pieces screw together were destrorted(would'nt meet evenly. installed a new double canister filter system and within a couple of days the same thing (much damage this time)?????? I put a pressure gauge on this line and saw 60psi when water is running in the house and with no water after a few seconds it slowly climbs to 140-160+psi!!!!! The only thing differnt in the house is the installation of a sink i did in the basement. I turned the water off twice in a few days opened most the faucets to drain the water to sweat the pipe in. Could there be trapped air causing this increase from the water heater? House is 9 years old and does not have an expansion tank. If air is trapped will the removal of it stop the increase in pressure. I have no idea what the pressure was in the house before this.
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    There are two ways the psi can raise in your home. If you have a closed system, one with a pressure regulator valve, and no expansion tank, then when the water heater heats, the expanded water has no place to go and the pressure rises. This will trip your T/P valve on the water heater is the pressure reaches 150 psi. If you do not have a closed system, then the city water pressure is fluctuating. I'd suggest a new pressure regulator and an expansion tank to deal with the problem.

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