replacing tub/shower-need a tub that will fit in a limited space 60"x 30".

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  1. richrich

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    Apr 6, 2013
    old tub premold tub/shower type. dimension 60" x 30" and apron 16"hgt.

    Dimensions from wall stud to existing cermacic flooring is exactly 30" and from there to toliet is 18" (center of toliet- i heard this was the code min distance). also, from front to back stubs is 60 1/2".

    I would like to find a 60" x 30" x 16" tub but very short on time now. I seen the bootz tub - mauicast that fit these dimensions but concern with the enamel steel coated tubs chipping over time.

    So i am looking at the Kohler villager (only 14" hgt) cast iron tub but it has a width of 30 1/4". CAN I cut a 1/4" notch in the side wall stub to slide the tub this 1/4"??. Would this impact installing hardy board and proclein tiles wall. Also, the floor drain (center) is 15" off the stub. If I move the tub over 1/4" will i have trouble lining up the tub drain pipes?

    1 last question if i go with 2" shorter tubs, do I need to lower the Tub water sprout by 2" or can leave in place
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  2. jadnashua

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    The toilet needs 15" OC to either side, so you're okay with that. The height of the tub spout must be above the lip of the tub, dropping a few more inches might let it splash, but may not, and it isn't a code issue. It's rare that the trap will line up unless you have exactly the same'll probably need to rework that a bit. If they used tubular verses glue-up fittings, it may fit after you loosen things up. There should be a vapor barrier behind the cbu, and it should lap over the tiling flange. You can notch the studs that 1/4" if you want.
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  4. richrich

    richrich New Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    thanks. The offset of the drain would be approx 1"over. there is no vapor barrier but do have insulation.

    I am not sure what is cbu.
  5. suceress

    suceress Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    I believe Kohler also makes Sterling or vice versa and there are a few tubs they make that are 60x30 but they come in 16hgt. Is your tub left hand or right hand drain?
    And do you want it to be cast iron or would you accept Vikrell or some sort of acrylic?
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