Replacing toilet drain line - which cut would you make?

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I've done a bunch of sleuthing on this amazing site and am hoping someone can provide some advice/confirmation for which cut to make

I'm working on a bathroom remodel and am replacing the old, damaged copper toilet flange. It was set into the subfloor, below the tile, and the area around it had rotted. I'm thinking of replacing the copper flange/pipe with ABS and have come up with two options:

- Option 1: Cut below the 90, replace w/ long sweep 90 ABS & short ABS pieces, use copper/ABS shielded coupling, new flange
- Option 2: Cut above the 90, replace w/ short ABS piece, copper/ABS shielded coupling, new flange

I'm leaning towards option 1 to replace more copper, but the cut might be a little trickier than option 2 so as not to damage the smaller copper heating line next to it.


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