Replacing Super Stor Tank with a gas water heater have some plumbing questions

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long island NY
I am looking to replace my super stor tank unit with an AO Smith 50 gallon high recovery gas water heater

the super stor has been installed for about 12 years now and its always been terrible
runs out of hot water after about 2 showers
its been like this since it was brand new

My question is regarding the lines that come off the boiler at the circulating pump manifold

my setup has the circ pump for the super stor tank at the end of the manifold
and that line runs in to a port on the tank marked “boiler in”
and there is another port on the tank marked “boiler out”

do i just remove that circ pump and connect those 2 lines together ?
(the lines marked boiler in and boiler out)

and than the new water heater just gets its normal in and out water lines conmected and its gas line
correct ?

or am i missing something here ?

i am going to attach some pics
the boiler in line is circled in red

and the boiler out line is circled in blue

thank you for any help

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Hauppauge, NY
12 years of it this way? I would guess something isn't set or plumbed right that you are running out of hot water.
What size is the SS?
what boiler is connected to the SS?
Do you have multi head showers with no flow restrictions? or take hour long showers?

I would guess your boiler has more heat output than a stand alone DHW.

I have a 20+ year old stand alone gas DHW and middle of winter it can run out of HW with one long shower going or two decent length showers going. My plan is to replace my gas DWH with an indirect when it finally leaks or it's HW output drops to not usable.

I am also on Long Island.


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I installed a high recovery AO Smith over 20 years ago and a hot water line busted over the weekend.

Monday I went to the house and the water was Lukewarm, meaning the water heater was still keep working even with a constant leak from a 3/8 water line.

Sounds like it yours was originally plumbed wrong.
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