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I have a GE SuperSoft from about 15 years ago that's not working very well. I've replaced various parts and anyway I'm just ready for something newer. I'd buy a big fancy Fleck thing, but the space I have will really only accommodate a cabinet unit.

The space is about 20x20 base x 54 high (inches)

I have a wife and 4 kids using 3 bathrooms, so I'd like the highest capacity I can manage.

Cost is of little concern, but I'm a frugal bastard. I like to get a good deal and value for my money. But I'm prepared to spend what it takes for the right solution.

- Are there fancy Fleck or Clack systems that will fit into cabinet-style type space? Cabinets are above and to both sides of the area.
- Can I get a Fleck or Clack controller and stick it on my existing 8" tank?
- What's the best cabinet-style all-in-one option that would fit?
- Is it worth maybe just replacing the resin in my current tank to see if that does the trick?
- Any better ideas?

Recently this was referred to in another post which looks appealing. Thoughts?:
And someone mentioned a similar 12x35 Clack tank. I found the tank on Clack's site, but couldn't find a complete system.

Thanks so much for any insight you all can provide!


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You have things pretty well analyzed. You do have the option of separating the brine tank from the mineral tank. In SJ you can put either or both outside behind a screen, or in the garage. You can even bury them partially.

Under a counter, it seems to me that you would want to be able to either pull the unit out. I wonder if you could use refrigerator rollers on a taller all-in-one unit. An alternative would seem to be to modify the cabinet above to lift off for service access.

Is your water chlorinated? If so, the chlorine may have deteriorated your resin. Putting in new 10% crosslinked resin has merit While a new cabinet unit also makes sense, you are already familiar with the existing unit.

You could put a Pentair CH30615 12x43 tank with controller in there, if you could remote the brine tank.
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We distribute a USA made cabinet unit that accommodates a 12"x35" tank. This tank can hold approximately 1.5 cf of resin. Obviously for the guys with a calculator and some math skills, you know the 1.5 is slightly high but it works just fine.

Since your needs are so specific, I am sure I can hook you up with one of many dealers in your area that have this unit.

I sent you a PM.
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