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    Mar 3, 2021
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    HI Folks,

    I had to remove a small branch of a redundant sprinkler line when working on the front yard landscaping. Upon removal of said line to the T I discovered we have very old THIN walled sprinkler line. I was going to cut the T and do a simple line repair, but now I need advice of how to proceed since I searched the UPC code on the pipe and found this info:

    - does not interface well with SCHED 40 3/4 PVC

    - can crack when cut

    - is not PVC weld based??? what is that blue weld??

    Solvent Weld Pressure Rated Pipe - Belled End
    Listed: NSF-PW Standard 61 Standard 14
    Specification: ASTM D 2241

    I also found this vid advising to rip out the entire thin walled system, BUT I would rather just PLUG THIS T and leave the thin pipes in the ground. ( since to rip up the old system and install new one is time and money and I don't know how to remove old system )

    Because I cut the redundant branch at the T end, and piece the thin walled pipe is still in the 3/4" T, 3/4" plug wont fit. And if it did what weld would I use???

    So, what the best way to plug this T?

    or should I try to get this blue solvent weld and solvent elbows and pipe somewhere and try to do a line repair - just cut the thin pipe with a dremmel and not squeeze cutters?

    Or should I really try to find rip up the line by hiring a plumber?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Terry

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    Unless you plan on redoing the entire irrigation system, I would get some cement and cap it off.
    Normally irrigation and plumbing are two different businesses, though it is plumbing as far as it being connected to our water supply.
    And yes, I used to see that thin wall pipe in home centers being sold for irrigation years ago. I always thought it was flimsy stuff and never installed any of it.
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