Recommended brands/models for instant near-boiling hot water heater?

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by chrispitude, Mar 30, 2014.

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    My wife wants an instant near-boiling hot water heater installed at our kitchen sink. We already have the countertop hole and outlet; we just need to choose and install the unit.

    I came across a discontinued Insinkerator H770 on clearance at a big-box store. However, I didn't even make it past step 1 of the installation. There's no rubber gasket, just a fiber gasket, and the dispenser never snugged up against our Corian countertops all the way to where I stripped out the screw threads. Now it's junk. I guess I know why it was discontinued...

    Reading the reviews for this model and other Insinkerator models is scary - lots of terrible stories about leaking tanks, ruined cabinetry, shorted-out GFCI outlets, and all sorts of fun stuff.

    Is there a good, durable instant near-boiling hot water heater that professionals prefer? Insinkerator appears to be consumer junk, or at least what I'm finding is. Are there commercial units I should look at? I don't mind paying a premium for years of trouble-free operation.

    If this does not belong in the conventional HWH section, I apologize.
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