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  1. Kai

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    Mar 19, 2005
    Hi All,

    I am recently working on increase my water pressure. I have a well system with a blader tank. I adjust the pressure from 30~50psi to 40~60psi. It works great. I have longer and less frequent runs. The shower at the second floor is great. But I also noticed few problems around the tank.

    1. The Tee from the bottom of tank is steel or galvanized steel. Does that work with copper pipe? I have replace one piece 1/2" copper pipe previous plumper stucked into a 3/8" fitting. (I am still amazed how he can do that and last many years.) I found the copper pipe is very thin.

    2. What is the inside material of the tank? Steel? Is there any special way for preventing the tank from corrosion?

    3. I cut off pressure relief valve some time ago. I am planning to put it back. Can I install it cross the basement, where I can access drain better? Any good place to buy plumping supply? I cannot find pure pressure relief value at HomeDepo.

    4. Is there any good switch to shut the watter pump off in the case of flooding? I mean electronically not pneumatically. I think I can build one system with some relay. Is there any company making this?


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    1. Did you air up the pressure tank to 38 psi with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor? With the pump off and the water pressure drained down, check the pressure in the pressure tank with a tire gauge. It should be two psi below the cut-on pressure of the pump, in addition to adjusting the pressure switch.
    2. There should be a di-electric fitting between steel and copper pipe, or it will corrode the copper. You also might transition between the two with PVC.
    3. There really isn't much that you can do inside the pressure tank. The bladder will go long before the tank, and then you just have to replace the whole tank.
    4. I hope that you're not talking about "cutting off" a pressure relief valve on a water heater. That is extremely dangerous (major steam explosion could occur if there's a malfunction of the water heater controls). Replace it immediately. Home Depot should have them, but if not, call around to any plumbing supply.
    5. Yes, there are electronic flood control devices that work to control in-house flooding from washing machines, pumps, etc. Again, check at a plumbing supply house (Yellow Pages).
    Good Luck!
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