Pump lost prime - won't prime (long post)

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    Aug 29, 2010
    Have a sears deep well jet pump on an old dug well. Pump has worked well up until a couple of days ago. I had forgotten and left an outside hydrant, attached to a watering hose, on. Hose, however, was shut off with one of those hose end valves. A few hours later, after turning the hydrant off, I went to pump location when I heard pump running. Just as I entered the pump room, there was a loud rushing/sighing sound and pump lost it's prime. I unplugged it.

    Noticed, then that the rubberized pipe/hose that connects to house/hydrant pipe had collapsed (like a flattened fire hose). Fortunately we have, located in same room, another water source (from another well) so we still had water, etc.

    I had installed a plastic check valve on the take off line, from the dug well pump, several years ago to prevent water from other well being syphoned off (both pumps are plumbed such that they can service house and outside plumbing by opening and closing valves). Consequently, I had thought it safe to open valve to outside hydrant (first service pipe off of dug well). I was wrong. Lost pressure on other wells captive air. So, went and purchase a new (brass) check valve for old pumps service line.

    After, again, attempting to re-prime the faulty pump today (with pressure regulator opened/closed per instructions, several faucets open in the house, etc) to no success, I went out this evening to water the garden and found the garden hose 'flattened', all the air sucked out of it!!

    I am at a loss. I have primed jet well pumps in the past and have never experienced this problem before. After the water back-syphoned from the 'new' well to the 'old' well (which rose the water level several feet), I know the water level in the old dug well is well above the intake. I have, now, poured around 15 gallons of water into the pump and still have no prime. Any advice would be appreciated. Tks.
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    Sounds like your foot valve is not holding.
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    BWFRJR New Member

    Aug 29, 2010
    Pro bable cause

    Think you have probably got it right. Was afraid that the cause had to be at the other end of the system. Wil be fun pulling out the pipe, etc. It's only 28 feet long, but pump, and well cover, is located in a small, 10 x 10 block, basement room, with an entry that's only about 30 inches wide. This exits at a right angle, into a tight (30 inch wide) passage that runs some 12 feet back to basement proper. As I recall, the last time I pulled the piping, I had a lot of fun getting it all angled and positioned, so it could be pulled out.

    Sure am glad that we have another water source!!:(
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