Plumber installing a loop for a water softener... questions about freezing

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    Aug 29, 2011
    I have a plumber coming to install a water softener and will be looping in the flower bed where the shut off valve is located. Currently this main water line is all 3/4" PEX and travels under the slab in the garage and comes up on the far garage wall that is insulated. The new loop going to the softener will now come be buried from the shut off valve in the flower bed to the exterior garage wall, up and 90 into the garage. The plumber will run PEX inside this exterior garage wall to the attic in order to keep it clean looking by just cutting a hole in the sheetrock and fishing the PEX up the wall. Then across the garage up in the attic and down the wall over to where the softener will be situated.

    Is there any concern with freezing? This is PEX, but what all needs to be done to prevent freezing? In case of a freez up, is this something my plumber should warranty for the next few months anyway?

    I live in North Texas where it still gets down to the teens a few days out of the year, and still prone to some weeks of 20's or 30's. Of course the summers are 110.

    Any other concerns I should have with this install?
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    If the pipe is in a location where it can freeze, NOTHING, other than applied heat will prevent it. Insulation will slow the process, but NOT prevent freezing. I doubt that ANY plumber would "guarantee" it will not freeze, unless it runs inside a heated area. And I doubt that the garage wall or ceiling are insulated or heated. The riser outside the wall would be the most likely place for a pipe to freeze and break. But using just your description, I am not sure but that there might be a better way to run the piping.
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