Please help check my well installation plans, questions about pump saver.

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  1. the_bob

    the_bob New Member

    Oct 2, 2020
    I've been lurking around here a while trying the best I can to educate myself, but I've gotten to the point where I need a bit of extra help.

    I've had a well drilled on my property. It is a 6 in bore 460ft into black shale with a static water level at roughly 25 feet. It's cased with PVC to 90ft and then open bore after that.

    Unfortunately, the well is considered low production for my needs. This was intended to be an agricultural well for irrigation and livestock, but since it only produces 4gpm, I will be using it for on-site drinking supply, equipment washing, and filling a 300gal water tote approximately once a week.

    Since this well will only see light use with the exception of a 300 gallon draw once a week, I've decided on the following setup:

    • 2HP pump at 250ft (35gpm and 400ft of head) Hallmark Industries MA0419X-12
    • Brass check valve on top of the pump
    • 250 PSI blue poly pipe in the bore
    • Extra long brass barb adapters w/ 2 hose clamps each
    • Torque arrestor
    • Wire guards every 25-50 ft with tape
    • 12-2 submersible wire
    • Rubber expansion plug type well cap with holes for supply line, electrical and vent
    • No pitless adapter. Well casing comes into custom built well house.
    • Cycle stop valve CSV1A set at 50psi
    • 20 gallon pressure tank
    • 40/60 pressure switch
    • Pump protector (Hallmark Industries SP0456X-12A)
    I feel fairly confident about this setup. The well bore should have enough storage for me to pump 300 gallons without running the pump dry. The CSV should keep the pump from short cycling when the water level is high. The blue poly pipe should be able to handle the increased back pressure from the CSV.

    My questions are about how to wire the pump protector. The manual has obviously been translated from Chinese and can be hard to follow...

    Should I put the pump protector before or after the pressure switch? Also, the pump protector has water level sensing probes. Should I use these in the well bore and try to set it up so that the pump never runs dry in the first place, or just forget them and let the protector trip via current draw?

    And if you see any glaring flaws, I would love to hear about them.
  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
    Pump Controls Technician
    Lubbock, Texas
    Looks like a pretty good plan, but I can make a few suggestions. That pump deadheads at 390'. When the water level pulls down to 250' deep, it will not be able to get to 60 PSI and shut off. A 2 wire motor is probably not a good idea in 2HP. Even Hallmark told me their check valves suck. So, adding a good brass or Stainless check valve on top of the pump is a good idea. Torque arrestors and wire guards are just something to get your pump stuck in the hole with, I wouldn't use them. You don't need either if you use double jacketed wire like THHN/THWN underground burial cable. The outer jacket is really tough and will resist abrasion. That pump protector has a capacitor, which I think is needed on 2HP. But it works better with a 3 wire motor and start relay. I have been recommending Hallmark because of the low price, but the reviews on that 2HP don't look very promising. Those pumps also have a cast iron pump head and motor adapter, which I am finding out will turn into a big rust ball in a short time. Plastic, Stainless, or brass heads are better.

    A 7 GPM, 1HP pump would probably be a better fit for that well, and could be set as deep as 400' if needed. The CSV1A will work with either pump, and would work with a smaller tank, but the 20 gallon size will be fine. the Cycle Sensor would be a better pump protector, but doesn't come with a starting capacitor like the Hallmark for the 2HP.

    Another idea is to use a storage or cistern tank. A 4 GPM well can make 5,760 gallons per day. You just need to be able to store it 24 hours a day, so you can use it at any flow rate you want for shorter periods of time. The 7 GPM, 1HP or even a 5 GPM, 3/4 HP would work to fill the cistern. Then you could put a 1HP, 33GPM, 230V Hallmark in the cistern with the CSV1A, pressure tank/pressure switch and use over 5,000 gallons per day any way you want to use it.

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