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    I am interested in doing some pex plumbing and want to invest in a good tool. I see there are two types. Compression ring (Tool goes around the entire ring and compresses it.) and crimp ring (Tool crimps one side of the ring and compresses it.) Which is Better? I also do not want to get a tool that only works with hard to find fittings.

    Any comments?

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    Well, actually, there is a third type that expands the tubing so you can then insert a fitting. Then, the tubing memory squeezes itself down onto the fitting by itself. Because you expand it, the fitting has less restrictions since it is larger.
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    this probbly won't be to helpful but my house was plumbed withh pex and they used the crimp type. I've added a few fixtures so naturally just went with that type. The only problem I have is if you have to take the band off. they sell a tool that cuts the compression ring off so you can reuse fitting but haven't seen a tool to remove the other type. I end up just using a hacksaw to cut the crimp off which is kind of a pain sometimes. maybe i just need bigger cutting pliers? other than that the crimp type is working good for me. The tool i purchased to crimp the ring is by apollo and was less than $40.
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