Parts Needed for Single-piece Glacier Bay Toilets

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Bought a new house last year and it came with two probably 80s era Glacier Bay toilets. These are one-piece units without the dual-flush feature. They worked fine for a year, but now one if them is starting to run and I'm having a heck of a time sourcing replacement parts. Of local sources, only Home Depot carries anything for Glacier Bay, but it's only for the dual-flush systems. Lowes doesn't carry replacement parts that will work at all. I've looked online and found nobody who carries replacement innards for the single-piece, non-dual flush toilets. I've even tried to replace the flapper and even the ones made specifically for Glacier Bay doesn't seal.

One bathroom is probably going to get remodeled within the next year and I will probably replace it with an American Standard, but for the moment, I'd prefer to just replace the innards and see if that solves the problem. Anyone have any clue where I can find these? Even looking at the Glacier Bay site, it doesn't look like they even make them anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If these toilets were actually from the 1980s, they use 3 gallons of water per flush...every flush. Here's a little math problem you might want to consider. Make an estimate of the number of flushes for each toilet in the course of a year. Doesn't have to be overly scientific, just a rough estimate. Now using your water bill and determine what you pay for each gallon of water. Now, compute the yearly water consumption cost. Lots of $$ right? Now, use the same numbers expect for the 3 gallons per flush. Change that to 1.6 gallons, then try .8 gallon. Think it's smart to wait a year until you remodel to get the new toilets? BTW, I'd strongly recommend Toto toilets.



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Glacier Bay IS Home Depot, which is why they are the ones that have parts. Call their headquarters in Atlanta and see if they can help you.

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The Glacier Bays that I have dealt with -- the single-flush ones at least -- have standard hole locations and take standard flappers and fill valves. You don't usually have to use the exact one that came with the toilet -- they should be fungible. The Korky 528MP fill valve works on pretty much anything. If your flapper isn't sealing, try scrubbing the flush valve seat (the thing it sits on) with brillo and see if that doesn't improve the seal. If it doesn't, check for pitting or other nastys that will preclude it sealing. Korky makes a kit that sometimes will fix the seat. If not, and you're handy enough to remove and reinstall the tank, you can just replace the whole flush valve. Again, the hole should be standard. Korky makes a nice flush valve, as do many of the aftermarket suppliers. This really shouldn't be a big deal, unless you have some very-weird Glacier Bay; since they are just whatever comes off the boat from Asia, I can't imagine that it requires special parts.
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