Ongoing well water issues

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Hey guys, new here, and happy this forum exists, thank you.

So. We have had a well water issue for quite some time and cannot figure things out. I have replaced the pressure switch, the pressure tank, this AM I even replaced the check valve next to the pressure switch. The pump has been continuously running, however, the water pressure will not stay consistent. It drops right down after a few minutes. When I changed the check valve I turned on the pump and ran the water line into a bucket and the water came out consistently.

I have adjusted the larger of the 2 nuts on the pressure switch downwards, and it remains at 38PSI and will not go higher. Currently I have a 30/50 switch installed, but also have a 40/60 as well, that is still in package. Have tried everything from waiting 24 hours without pump running and house main water off as well, which is a temporary fix. I have not checked the amperage of the pump, as I am a novice at this. Should I go to the hardware store and get a amp meter? If so, what is the amperage supposed to be? The pump itself is roughly 4 years old. It's a submersible pump. When I drop a small rock down the well, I definitely hits water within 5 seconds or so. Please help!


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Just to clarify your setup and issues. Before and after the check valve was replaced, the problem persist, that is the pressure never gets above 38 PSI with all faucets turned off. When you power off the pump, any remaining pressure bleeds off?

If you close the house main valve, I assume somewhere after the pressure tank, does the pressure ever rise or does it stay at 38 PSI? Powering down the pump the pressure still drops or does it remain at 38 PSI?

How long has this been occurring?
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