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Hello from Michigan

I'm new to the forum, but have been reading and learning a ton, so thanks in advance for any and all advice from the knowledgeable folks to frequent this forum.

In short, I'm in the process of spec'ing my own iron filtration system mainly because I can't seem to find any treatment suppliers who can offer me technical advice. It seems like the places I've contacted simply want me to choose from their menu of options. Take it or leave it.

My project may be a bit unusual, as I'd like to spec an adequate Katalox LIght system upstream of my water softener. This Katalox LIght system would handle not only my home's iron filtration needs, but also my lawn irrigation system. Pertinent details;

Private well flow rate = 19 gpm
pH - 7.49
TDS - 453 mg/L
Iron - 1.26 mg/L
Manganese - 0.012 mg/L

Per Watch Water's Katalox Light calculator and their informational brochures, their 24x69 pressure vessel (252 liters of media) would fit my needs. And although I probably have too many questions for one post, I'd like to share what's currently floating around in my head. Any insights or clarifications would be very much appreciated.

1. Watch Water claims their Katalox Light calculator is rated for continuous use. In other words, my plan to run 10 irrigation zones @ 19 gpm (45 min each) isn't a problem for efficient iron removal. Does this sound plausible, or should I upsize the system even further? Obviously I would be backwashing very regurally during the summer

2. What are your thoughts on twin, independent tanks plumbed in parallel instead of one large tank? I was thinking twin 18x65 to help reduce the weight. Up and down my basement stairs will be stressful. But am I missing something obvious?

3. Dumb question; Am I reading correctly that Katalox Light can be backwashed with the same, Iron-filled well water that I'm also trying to filter? I am not used to this method. I've only used water softers and iron filters that backwash with salt or bleach. And assuming this is true, how should I handle cleaning the media? I'm reading about OXYDES-P. Is is the best cleaning option, and is it simply injected periodically into the tanks as part of the backwash?

4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a regionally local vessel supplier that would work with me on specing and delivering a system? I'd like to work with someone who will answer my questions and help build me the right system instead of shoe-horning me into their standard product offerings.

Again, thanks in advance for any and all insights into my project. I know I still have plenty to plan and research.



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Here was my saga also from Michigan and similarish flow from the private well flow rate.

Keep in mind that the flow rate at the pump is not the same as the flow rate at the katalox filter which is something I did not initially pay attention to. If you want 19gpm at the katalox tank you probably need to run 1" Copper or larger the whole way to it.

My Iron was slightly higher than yours (and I believe manganese as well) and your TDS is similar to mine (430).

When I researched Katalox I do rememeber this guy talking about irrigation...he's a supposed professional (seems to be) and he does NOT recommend using Katalox/Iron filters for irrigation and he didn't seem to have a solution. You will have to find the exact video but I believe it was a podcast/QA on Iron filtration or something.

I'll say that I only use 300-600gal with 1 cu/ft media and backwash every day and on 600gal days it cannot keep up. Whereas somewhere in the 300-450 range my downstream filter has little to no obvious iron filtration being picked up. I could never find charts on how much iron Katalox actually filters and how many Gals it can handle...just number of people or whatever.

Mine filters with the same iron water as usual. I use an AIO (just air bubble) but I see others have used Peroxide/Chlorine/Air/etc to filter out iron (oxidizing agents) easier).

Hopefully someone can answer if they have irrigated with Katalox/Iron Filters before but based on what I have looked up it doesn't sound promising unless it is a very small irrigation job.
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