New Water Well Installed. Now Getting Read to Accessorize

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  1. mgamber

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    Feb 27, 2013
    Conroe, TX
    My old well died. Too much sand to keep up with. I had installed a Sand Trap Right out of the pressure tank, then a Fleck 2510 Backflushing valve with filter ag, then a spin-down screen mesh filter then a GE whole house cartridge filter.

    We had to backflush every day. I also needed to dump the sand trap weekly or we would have issues.

    Finally 2 weeks ago it all just clogged up solid.

    Tired of spending money on filter stuff and having to run out in the morning and reset the well or flush a filter manually, we had a new $10k well dug.

    It is 290 feet deep, pump at 240, water comes up to 70 feet from surface. 2 hp franklin with a schaefer pump. 120 gallon bladderless pressure tank. PVC screen with .008 slits, 30ft of screen. 4" pvc well casing cemented. Strata was alternating sand / clay / some gravel. Water bearing sand at 265.

    Right now I have the sand trap and backflushing filter bypassed. I do not like the spin down filter.

    Considering a Lykos twist 2 clean with 100 mesh then the GE cartridge filter. Have not had water tested yet but it is certainly cleaner then the old well whose screen had failed which is why it was pumping so much sand.

    Also considering a CSV, but is my tank too large for this to be effective? Stagnant water issues with CSV and that large of a tank?
  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    A CSV will work with any size tank. No stagnant water issues. However, you have a “bladderless” tank. So hopefully you have an air charge system (bleeder orifice) down the hole to add air to the tank each time the pump starts??

    The pump NEEDS to cycle on and off to put air in the tank. You can put the bleeder deeper in the well so it would add more air each start, because with a CSV there are many less starts, but you are probably better off without a CSV on an air charge type system.

    If you have sulfur, iron, or something in the water, adding the air is the best remedy, which is probably why they still use that old type “air charge” system in your area.

    If you don’t have smelly stuff in the water you would be better off with a bladder tank and no air charge system.

    You should not need any kind of filter or sand trap for sand or sediment. A properly constructed well should be it’s own filter. That is what the 30’ of screen with the .008 slots are for. I would pump it hard until it stops making sand, and if it doesn’t stop making sand, call the driller back.
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  4. Texas Wellman

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    SE Texas-Coastal
    You shouldn't need any kind of filter, except for maybe an iron filter or softner.

    Just keep the air maker working right and it will last a long, long time.
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