New water well cloudy and initial odor

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First should mention I am not new to water wells. Have drilled them before. I have a newer rural property and knew it was going to be sketchy to get much flowrate around here. I had a friend/pro well driller do this one. I was onsite to make the calls based on what we hit. Basically nothing but gray shale/clay from 10-120ft. I set the pump at 80ft and started running tests. I have had the well set for 2yrs and it is a 5" PVC cased well with perf from 20-120ft. It is Benonite plugged on the top 20. It will never get submerged. I have not yet shocked the well with chlorine.

My initial strategy was to work on developing the well a bit. The well has been at rest well over a year and just getting back to it. I had an initial odor from the water that was very obvious and lasted 10min or so. I pumped on the well tonight for an hour. The odor went away but I have cloudy water. I am likely over-pulling the well as I am trying to purposely induce some pressure in there improve the flowrate. It started on the first test 2yrs ago and I could pull the well dry at 8gpm. I ran today at 12gpm and never did suck air. Water seems to clear up for a while, then get back to cloudy. I am trying to figure out if I should just run for extended times to let the well clean up or if I am just over-driving it?

for reference, my static water level is about 18ft and I am sure I am pumping this down to 50-60ft while pumping. I have never seen a well that would not clear up with time. I probably have about 5-10hrs worth of pumping on it to date. I know on some wells, we will push them for 24hrs or more. Do I need to keep pushing it to rinse all the drill muds out or do we have larger concerns?

Hydrogen Sulfide is something I am worried about now with the odor I had today. I did not have that on the day of drilling and it was sitting for quite a while but I realize that is something that may not show up for a while.


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1. You should have a flow inducer screen on your pump. It will route water by the motor, keeping it cool.
2. When you sanitize, you should be able to drop chlorine and acid pellets. I don't know what you use for acid pellets. is my write-up for bottom feeding wells. I am not sure what to do for one that gets fed above and below. I think you should be able to find a way to drop the pH and to do a big flooding volume. This will probably help the H2S for a while. I would like to think a long while, but I don't know.

Regarding cloudy, if you put the cloudy water into a glass or glass jar, what happens with time? Hour, day?


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Just keep doing what your doing. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to develop a well. Do whatever it takes to make the water cloudy and pump it out, then repeat until it clears up.
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