new PEX plumbing and new shower valve make pipes viberate bad

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    Jan 13, 2013
    remodeling a old house that had sat empty for 4 years, all plumbing was either drained or antifreeze added, has a hand dug well 13 feet deep, 3 feet accross, pump/pressure tank is inside the house. New PEX 3/4" supply lines from pressure tank to water heater into the crawl space. As the 3/4" line travels down the crawlspace "T" lines that are 1/2" go to the washer and laundry sink, boiler. A little further down the line the 3/4" line stops and goes to 1/2" for about 15' where it T's multiple times to the bathroom sink, toilet, and end of the run is 1/2" lines to the shower.

    Only one bathroom in the house and it has a new tuscany single handle shower valve. When this bathtub faucet or shower is turned on approximatly 1/4 to 1/2 way the pipes viberate bad. The viberating can be seen in the pipes shaking 30-40 feet back in plumbing next to the pressure tank. This is the only fixture that makes the plumbing do this.

    I've tried: calling tuscany and seeing what they think, they've sent me a new cartridge for the shower valve, new check valves, new heavy duty springs for the check valves, none of these fixed it

    opening bathroom sink faucet while its viberating and it cures it but turn off the sink off and it comes back

    closing the shutoff valve to the toilet and it keeps doing the same thing.

    I don't belive there is any leeks in the house, I'm currently not living there so when I'm gone I turn the pump off and when I come back, somtimes a day or two later and turn the breaker to the pump on it never starts, indicating the pressure is still up where it should be.

    All pipes are secured either every floor joist or every other.

    Turned the pump breaker off while it was viberating and the vibration continued all the way down to 20 or so psi. The pump usually turns on at 30 and off at 46. The needle on the gauge while it was at 20 psi would bounce with every vibration.

    Doesn't seem to vibrate when the valve is turned on just enough to make water come out, or all the way to the hot side, vibration starts in the middle and vibrates both on the shower or faucet.

    Any help is appreciated.
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