New construction... well, pump and control help wanted

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    Sep 14, 2011
    Looking for suggestions and input as to what I may have missed.. New construction. I have a 12 foot deep 5 foot diameter spring fed cistern. I have used this source in a different way for years.. House is appx 200 feet from house on a slope with a head of about 40 feet to basement pressure tank 100 gallons in size . House has basement plus 2 stories. My plan is to have a small pump house next to spring cistern containing pump, and aux 120v source for lights plus an outlet. Pump I had in mind is a Flotec FP4312 ½ hp 240v.The line from spring cistern to pump would be 1â€. I have run an 1 1/14 200psi line to a 1000 gallon storage cistern next to house buried to keep from freezing. The actual house pump would be in the basement feeding the pressure tank. I had planned to use the same pump at spring cistern and house . Better suggestions??? The pump has an 1†output line and input . Would this be a problem going to 1.25 line from spring to house cistern?? Main reason for the HD line is in the future I may want to have an actual deep well near the spring cistern. Or, should I run a 1†line as well. Electrical would be burial 10/3 two runs as I may want added electrical down by the spring. Now for the controls, my thinking is to use a tethered float in spring to keep pump from running dry. Also there needs to be a float in the House cistern to tell lower pump to refill the upper house cistern. This is an area I really need help. Sorry for the novel , just trying to give all the info I can. Thanks for the help in advance…… Doug
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    2] 10-3 runs is a lot of electricity. And wire. Seems excessive

    1" should be large enough

    You can use a small submersible in the house 1000g tank with a Franklin pumptek to keep it from pumping dry.

    Then a float switch in the 1000g tank to turn the spring pump on. Choke back the outlet of the spring pump into the 1000g tank with a valve until it matches the spring water input to the cistern.

    What is the production in GPM of the spring?
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  4. valveman

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    I would use a 1/2 HP, 10 GPM submersible in both cisterns. (More bang for the buck than a jet pump) Restricing the flow from the fist pump to match the input to the cistern is a good idea as well. However, the Pumptec will not work when you restrict the flow from a pump. It sees the amp drop as a dry well and shuts down the pump. The Cycle Sensor
    will work as it is designed to know the difference between resticted flow and a dry well or cistern.

    You could also use a Cycle Sensor to protect the house pump in case the cistern runs dry. A 100 gallon pressure tank holds less than 30 gallons of water. Your real water is stored in the cisterns. 30 gallons in a pressure tank are not going to help any and only slightly reduces the pump cycling. If you use a CSV on the house pump, you would have constant pressure in the house and can use as small as a 4.4 gallon tank. The CSV would also work with a 100 gallon tank, the big tank is just not necessary.
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