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    Apr 19, 2021
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    So we just moved in to our new build. We're on a well. We have a 3hp pump at almost 600' deep. Softener loop is in the garage and is 1.25" ID Copper. There are 2 adults and 3 kids living full time in the house. 4.5 baths w/ aerobic septic.

    When I run the well pump disconnected from the pressure tanks I'm getting 16gpm consistently.

    Right now the biggest annoyance is the rotten egg smell. We get it in both hot and cold water. I had a water test done and these are the results:

    Alkalinity, Total 283 mg/l
    pH 7.7 pH
    Bromide 0.50 mg/l
    Chlorides 57.2 mg/l
    Flouride 0.96mg/l
    Nitrate – IC none detected
    Phosphate none detected
    Solids, Total Dissolved 381 mg/l
    Sulfate (SO4) 61.5 mg/l
    Aluminum 529 ug/l
    Arsenic – ICP none detected
    Barium 71.7 ug/l
    Beryllium 0.3 ug/l
    Boron 689 ug/l
    Cadmium none detected
    Calcium 41.4 mg/l
    Chromium none detected
    Cobalt none detected
    Copper – ICP 20 ug/l
    Iron 0.4 mg/l
    Lead – ICP none detected
    Lithium none detected
    Magnesium 21.2 mg/l
    Manganese 19.5 ug/l
    Molybdenum none detected
    Nickel none detected
    Phosphorus, Total 597 ug/l
    Potassium 14.5 mg/l
    Selenium – ICP 23.0 ug/l
    Silicon 8120 ug/l
    Silver none detected
    Sodium 70 mg/l
    Strontium 7740 ug/l
    Vanadium none detected
    Zinc 8.5 ug/l

    What was recommended to me is a hydrogen peroxide iron/sulfur system with a 20gpm single tank softener setup 48000 grain (optimal, 64,000 maximum) setting and a 5 micron prefilter. Does that setup sound about right? Is there anything anyone would recommend I change?
  2. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    I would sanitize my well. That will help regardless for a while. is my sanitizing writeup.

    That is a very broad description, and what is there sounds good. But within that description there are a lot of choices.

    For example, inject H2O2 before a contact tank proportionally with water use, follow that with a backwashing GAC tank, and then the softener would be a great thing.

    Injecting some inject H2O2 before a KL tank proportionally with water use, but set the injection rate to minimize the residual, and then the softener could work. It would need some tuning.

    There are a lot more configurations that would fit your description.

    A 5 micron filter after the softener might be better.
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  4. ditttohead

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    Jan 9, 2012
    Water systems designer, R&D, Technical Director
    Ontario California
    Many of the online h2o2 injection guys are really pushing this system design with the intent to increase return sales massively. Run the numbers, you will notice that you could be into it for hundreds of dollars a year in h2o2.
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