Never punch a gift horse in the mouth

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    There is an old story about that concerning a ten year old boy, living with his parents on a farm. Through the middle of the farm, there was a creek where he caught his first fish, a Rainbow Trout. The cattle needed milking daily and after collecting it, he would skim off the cream. The hen house was filled with hens and the eggs were collected. Walking barefoot he tried missing the chicken manure and if he stepped in too much, he would brush it off in the grass before going inside with the eggs for breakfast.

    On a special day his parents surprised him with an Indian pony they had bought. Not real tall, but just right for a ten year old boy full of adventure. The first thing the boy did was holler with all of his might which caused the horse to skitter about as he was a quiet little thing before meeting the boy full of energy. Very excited the boy hopped up on the horse and started riding him through the apple orchard. As his new horse made his way though the orchard, the horse ducked his head while walking under a branch. The boy was swept off the back of the horse and landed on the ground. Very upset, the boy ran over, grabbed the reins and punched his horse in the mouth. Startled, the horse took off running, and the boy never saw the horse again. Off through the fields, jumping the creek and over and across the valley the horse went.
    His mother who saw the whole thing yelled out. "Never punch a gift horse in the mouth!"



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