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Back in December we found out we had a septic tank. We have City water and city sewer so this was definitely a huge shock to us. We hired a plumber and he came out and found out there was a clog right at the entrance of the septic tank. It's a very tiny tank, it just holds solids and it's almost empty. We had the entire house snaked and there are no clogs. He dug up a pipe and it's still exposed with a hole in it. He was supposed to come back and put a saddle on it so we could snake the drain up and down if the issue ever happens again. We do have water main breaks constantly in our backwoods town however he has not been back and I am experiencing negative pressure in the house. I can see everything coming out of the house. We have been very careful and we have had some severe temperatures changes. It's a down hill slope. It seems like we are not developing enough pressure in the house for things to go out. I will run the shower and things will go out. We have decided to put the saddle on ourselves because I can't get a hold of the plumber and I live in the middle of nowhere in KY. We can snake the house and go to the main line again. It's going out to the main line no issues because I can see everything going out. It just takes a while to build up pressure. He was supposed to come back the next day and we are now in February. When we have a colder day or low pressure the septic pipe is fine. However my house is going from 39 to 60 each day. As soon as it warms up I start getting negative pressure. Any thoughts?
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