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    Having some trouble with my two speed compressor - it's a Bryant 698B, installed exactly 8 years ago. First problem, my installer is no longer working on them. I'm on my own to some extent, and due to extremely limited funds (out of work), have to troubleshoot this as much as possible by myself. Hope someone here knows these systems. It's cold, and the electric backup is expensive.
    First symptom, back in the summer, the a/c worked but a few times, I heard either a contactor or relay chattering. Sounded like something stuck in the fan, but no. It would eventually stop chattering. The system worked, but I was concerned.
    Anyway, first functional problem was several weeks ago, turned on heat (all electric, by the way. FE4A air handler with electric coil and 698B heat pump). Noticed, after several hours, the 'system malfunction - call technician' error was displayed. I checked the error codes, and had:
    So, I reset by turning off breakers. Unit comes on, seems ok. But, got the error again. So, I go out and listen and notice the compressor tries to come on (in High stage), runs for about 10 seconds, then kicks off.
    I shut off the breakers, then took the cover off. Noticed the 25uf run capacitor was swollen. I measured it, it was open. So, ordered one and replaced it.
    Started unit, low stage compressor seemed to be running. I think, anyway. Same deal with the high stage, it would chatter a little and then kick out after about 10 seconds.
    So, I guess maybe the HI STAGE contactor? Ordered one. Replaced it. Same issue.

    The most prevalent code seems to be HI THERMAL CUTOUT.
    Here's the numbers:

    (32 events) HI THERMAL CUTOUT
    (20 events) LO THERMAL CUTOUT
    (18 events) VC VOLTS (the currently active fault)
    (8 events) HI COMP

    Sometimes HI THERMAL CUTOUT is the active fault event, and other times it's VC VOLTS. Most often it's HI THERMAL CUTOUT.
    I'm wondering if the start relay is stuck (contacts stuck), does that happen often? I didn't check it when I had it open earlier, was sure the contactor was the trouble.
    Thanks for any advice. As I mentioned, I usually have an HVAC tech do the work, but the guy I know is not doing them any more, plus I'm not working so really can't afford to call anyone if I can do the work myself (not being cheap, trust me, just poor and cold, lol).
    Thanks very much.
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