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I have a well, that is plumbed to a pentair fleck 2510 aio iron filter, then to a pentair autotrol 760 water softener. I had the system installed 1.5 years ago, and i have been very happy with the system.
Yesterday morning my iron filter was making noise (still backwashing?), so I take it apart and the piston is broken from the little shaft. So I phone around, and nobody seems to have the piston kit in stock. And I find out the piston and seals should be changed every year, which again surprises me that no one has one in stock. Maybe I'm the only guy in Saskatchewan that has one haha.
Anyhow our water is fairly high in iron, the toilets are yellow, and yes we flush :) and I'm starting to get annoyed that I can't get parts for this thing, and in my opinion looks very poorly built. So I'm wondering if I should change the head out to a different, more robust style? If there is such a thing?
The autotrol head on the water softener looks like a good design, but do they make a version that works on an iron filter?
Just looking for advice. Most of the water places just say to me, why don't you put in a whole home RO?
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