Need Advice/ Low water flow volume -Possible Meter shut-off Valve problem

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    Apr 11, 2014
    I'm not a plumber but have done some minor jobs -- like any homeowner has to do from time to time. Thanks in advance for any advice regarding this problem.

    I have been having low water flow problems (all faucets) - for sometime but I didn't realize how low it was until I tried to use my lawn sprinkler. It won't even turn at all. (Pressure reads high -- but drops way off when turned on. )

    I believe that the problem started several years ago, when a new meter (transmitting type) was installed. So, I looked at the meter -- it has the standard (padlock type) shut-off on the main side. The house side has a pipe with what looks like a bolt that goes directly into the pipe. I turned it about a quarter of a turn counter-clockwise and it immediately started spraying water around the bolt/valve. I turned it back. I believe that it is almost fully clockwise now.

    I'm reluctant to remove the bolt (if possible) - because I'm not sure what type of valve this is. I concerned that it might come apart and do further damage (clog).

    I'm in Kansas City and will probably call the water company, but the problem is on the house side of the meter and as I understand it, I am responsible for it.

    Any suggestions or information regarding this valve would be appreciated.

    house side.jpg meter.jpg
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