Need a toilet with shortest possible distance from flange bolts to end

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    Okay so the toilet that is installed in my daughter and son-in-law's bathroom is too far out (the door hits it before opening to 90 degrees. Anyway there is 3 inches behind the toilet. It has a 14 inch rough. They would prefer to keep the elongated bowl if possible because he is very tall. Now we only need about 2 to 3 inches and they can flip the door so it opens the other way or put a door stop and stop the door opening before it hits the toilet. I know I can use the Toto 14 inch adapter but was wondering if there are any other toilets that are shorter up front longer in the back? The one that is in there is about 28.5 inches from back of toilet to front of bowl, but its 31.5 from the wall due to the 14 inch rough hence the 3 inches behind the toilet. Would be nice to get that 3 inches back without necessarily using a Toto unifit as they are expensive.
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    A Toto with the Unifit adapter (only fits some Toto models) uses the same exact toilet for 10, 12, and 14" roughins. Assuming the RI is exact, there would be about 3/4" behind the toilet when using the proper adapter. Most others, as was said, use the same bowl, and put a different thickness tank on it...this forces the front out into the room. It sounds like you have a 12" RI toilet on your 14" RI flange, which is why there's so much room behind it.
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