toilet blockage, possible reasons?

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Several months ago my toilet started getting clogged occasionally. It began once every couple of weeks, then about once a week/10 days, then about once every four or five times solid waste was getting flushed. I know I should have called in a plumber, but finances (then and now) were/are an issue. So every since then the toiled was only used for liquid waste disposal. It flushes well that way, to this day.

But a few weeks ago the resting water level inside the bowl became permanently elevated, by about one inch, or maybe one and a quarter. So it seems like the blockage got worse, even though no solid waste had been flushed for weeks prior to that change. This toilet (a Toto) is 25 to 30 years old. Is it possible that it's collapsing internally somehow? Or could tree roots be the problem? I'm in a condo unit (ground floor) that used to be an apartment, so my neighbor's toilet is right behind mine, on the other side of the wall. And his toilet is working fine.

I should add that I don't believe anything fell inside of the toilet and got flushed several months ago, and I'm certain that nothing did ever since it stopped being used for solid waste, so I can't explain why the water level went up so fast, all at once. Also, several months ago when the toilet would get clogged, I would clear it by pouring very hot water along with dish soap into the bowl. That usually worked on the first try, but sometimes it took two tries, and once it took three.

So if anyone would speculate on what could be causing this problem, how it could be fixed, and how much those procedures might cost, I would greatly appreciate it.


P.S. I might be able to log in only once per day, so please pardon my delayed replies to your responses.
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