Natural Gas-line upgrade and Maxitrol Regulators

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  1. Katholic

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    Jan 19, 2012
    Had Gas Company upgraded 250 meter to 425 Al (550,000 btu's) and increased system pressure to 2 psi. Originally installed 1" Sch.40 1" pipe runs 30 feet "after" gas company's regulator tied to 3/4" riser (outside) to Trane Executive Series furnace requiring 162,000 btu's, and Whirlpool water-heater requiring 40,000 btu's sitting sits 3' apart; both are connects to main Sch.40 via Tee and a 3 foot section of 1" Sch.40 feeding 2 seprate 5 foot sections of 1/2" galvanized piping with regulators prior to entering appliance (Maxitrol 325-5AL for furnace & 325-3L for water-heater. Main (Sch.40) has been extended additional 40 feet for a grand total of 70' via installation of union, a cut-off valve after the union, and a third Maxitrol (325-5AL) at 20kw generator requiring 293,000 btu's. Question: As layed out, will system provide 495,000 btu load, providing 5-7" water column for generator, as well as accomodate a gas fireplace at a later time?

    The latter question is asked, inpart, as I stand confused about the following: Maxitrol's 325-AL regulator specs reads 7-11 water-column and requirement for Generac generator is 4-7" water column; Does regulator specs mean to infer that it ships from factory set to automatically output the lower measurement (7) but, really can be field adjusted to out put the maximum (11 water column)? Moreover, I did not observe plumber fiddling with regulator to make any such adjustment.

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  2. Tom Sawyer

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Does everything work ok? the 7-11 is it's range. In other words the regulator will drop pressure to that range. Pinpoint accuracy is not practical for cost reasons
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  4. Hackney plumbing

    Hackney plumbing Homeowner

    Jan 6, 2010
    Your 2lb system with 70' of 1" iron pipe will run around 2 million BTU's.

    I went to maxitrols website and sized your regulator and according to their sizing and selection program it calls for a 1" 325-5al regulator. The installer should have took pressure readings with the unit in standby mode and the unit running at Max BTU's.

    Call maxitrol and verify the application of the regulator. Its just a phone call and its free.
  5. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    that regulator is not the appliance regulator. It reduces the medium pressure to low pressure. The equipment's regulator will stabilize it a the specified value.
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