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    Is it just an accepted fact that the low flow toilets leave streaks on the bowl or is it exaggerated? There are complaints about all toilet brands and all flushing systems online about that issue. I am considering an older Drake or a Drake II with a 1.28 or 1 gal. flush but I don't want to be cleaning mess off the bowl all the time. My current toilet is a CST704 and very rarely does it leave matter on the bowl but it does splash the seat a lot and sometimes onto the floor.
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    Toto's latest flushing system doesn't really have the overhung rim that most toilets have. It has two outlets pointing almost horizontally, which causes the water to swirl around the bowl on the way down. Combine that with the proprietary glaze that is super smooth, and it cleans most things off. That tech will be on those with the II after the name.

    FWIW, if you have stools that leave streaks, that's often a symptom of a high fat diet with minimal fiber. Not that this should cause you to change your diet, but it will make it tougher for any toilet to clean things when it does stick.

    Hard water will, eventually, leave some mineral deposits, making the surface rougher, making it easier for things to stick, and harder to clean them off.
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