Lorentz PS2-600 HR-04H-1 pump problem

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I'm new here and I looked through all the threads I could find but didn't see one regarding the problem I have. If I missed it please point me to it! I bought a Lorentz PS2 600 pump in 2021 and it has been working very well ever since. But now there is a problem and the water only seems to come about half way - 50m - up the pipe. About 10 days ago the pump stopped delivering water to my tanks and today I was able to visit the location of the pump and download the statistics. As you can see from the screenshots, from one hour to the next the pump no longer had enough power to send the water all the way down the pipe. This seems to have nothing to do with the weather or the power supply. It is also interesting to note that the pump has been running for an extra two hours every day since the problem occurred, but at a much lower output.

I have checked the cables and the power supply seems to be fine. I have also cleaned the pump. The noise from the pump is also much deeper/slower than usual now - it sounds like it's only running at a fraction of its full power. The old sound, when it was working properly, was more high-pitched.

It seems like the pump settings have changed and it is no longer trying to use full power. But it is running longer in the day, which wasn't the case before. No one has made any changes - I am the only one who has access to it.

Do any of you have any idea what the problem could be? Could the controller now think it is working with another version of the pump which requires less power? How would I check that?

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Sorry for your problem. HR stands for helical rotor. While helical rotor type pumps work well at low speed, which makes them more compatible with solar, they are far from frictionless like a regular centrifugal pump is. Solar pumps with helical rotors, diaphragms, or pistons normally only last a few years and need to be replaced. It could also be a controller problem as those inverters are also far from problem free and long lasting. Solar pumps may save a lot of energy, but you more than pay for that with multiple replacements for the short lived equipment. Grid power and a normal grid powered pump is still less expensive in the long run as the pumps will last many times longer. I would only use solar if grid power is not available.
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