Looking for a sprinkler type that sprays across and down

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    Apr 16, 2014
    Hello everyone, I have a flower planter on one of my cycles (about 3 by 3 feet) with 1 sprinkler just outside of it pointing at it. I am trying to get that one sprinkler to water the flowers closer to it. I have Lowes and Home Depot nearby and it seems like every single sprinkler they have doesnt spray the area near them, which in my case causes the flowers closest to the sprinkler to not get much water and die. (refer to picture attached).

    I was able to find a popup sprinkler that sprays down and across, but it was a pop-up (meant for the lawn) and 15 feet spray distance. I need to cover an area 3-4 feet away from sprinkler max (beyond that is the street/parked cars etc. The sprinkler is outside of the planter (maybe 3 incher or so, plus the planter border (which is brick) is another 5 inches or so), so really its ok if the sprinkler sprays starting with 6-7 incher from itself and out to 3-4 feet.

    One solution is to run another sprinkler head into the planter itself and put like a mushroom bubbler on it, but Id rather not do that if I can avoid digging up the lawn.

    Is there a specific type of sprinkler Lowes/Home Depot offers that would fit my needs?


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