Kohler Memoirs Neo Angle Shower problems

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Several years ago, a contractor remodeled our master bathroom. Horrible experience, and in the end I would give the finished product a B. After about a year, we had terrible mold in the white caulk where the base meets with the fiberglass walls and the metal/glass walls. I put up with it for 2 years as both hubby and I aren't good at this. Finally, I had a handyman come in. He removed caulk and also found mold on the caulk that attached the base to the back walls and removed it too. Also, it appears that the installer slanted the base toward the drain which resulted in a large gap between the corner walls and the base. Handyman followed Kohler instructions and replaced caulk. It said not to put caulk where the metal/glass walls meet with the base. In the back where the base and walls join, he used some kind of foam backing tube thing to fill in the space. The caulk began to come off after 2 weeks and he came and removed it (it attached to the base and walls, but we found that the foam backing tube thing was completely wet!) I was unhappy with his conclusions (I was the one that suggested he remove the foam stuff, he wasn't even going to do that). With lost confidence in him, compounded by the fact that he left to buy silicone caulk and didn't come back or call for 27 hours, I called a plumber to come out. He said the whole thing should be replaced and that neo angle showers leak at the joints where the glass walls attach, etc. He said it would be better to shower without caulking (I didn't do that!). What is the best thing for us to do? We don't have the $$ to rip out shower and start over. I am willing to caulk the heck out of it, if that's what it takes.
    Any advice?
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