Kohler Cimmarron vs. Am. Std. Champion

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    Oct 20, 2004

    In Jan 2004 I finaly settled on a Am. Std. Champion(the Drake in Handicap model was around $ 300 plus tax)...The Champion has done OK...
    The Champion is hard to install(I finaly put interior rubber washers inside tank after a problem with the factory installed cone washers) It was a bit scary to tighten tank to bowl as I did not want to break the tank(I had to attach tank twice)...putting in the seat is a pain, trying to get at one side...MY ADVICE stay away from it!!!

    Tonight I installed a Kohler Cimmarron in my half bathroom...I found it MUCH, MUCH easier to install...the metal plate used to attach the tank to the bowl makes it easy to install compared to the Champion.
    I noticed 4 porcelain feet on the inside of the bowl base...the previous toilet I put in 15 years ago rocked and I had to shim it...the Cimmarron does not rock(must be those 4 stabilizing feet). That is a nice feature.

    I wish I had tried the TOTO Drake the first time over the Champion!

    The Cimmarron install was easy it was $200 plus tax, a plus is the handicap height...so expense wise it is $100 bucks cheaper for the Kohler Cimmarron than the Drake(handicapped model)...

    I will post a follow up on the Cimmarron in a few weeks as to my evaluation of the performance.

    Thanks Terry

    Toto Ultramax handicap toilet
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