Jacuzzi Primo soaking tub vs. Sterling Ensemble?

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Hi -- I need a good quality, durable tub, and I'd prefer deep, for $400 or less. 60 X 30 is current tub, but I could go 60 X 32 and still be 15" from center line of toilet.

    Home Depot and Lowe's only carry the American Standard Cambridge for around $600, and it's special order, so they don't do any price matching.
    The Kohler Archer is $488 from Home Depot, plus $55 shipping. These are my top two choices.
    Below that in preference, but I am not sure about quality, are the less expensive Sterling Ensemble and the Jacuzzi Primo. The latter is much shinier in the store, therefore prettier, but there aren't many reviews for it, three to be exact, and one said it scratched easily. I need something that is easy to keep clean and will look good for many years.
    I have 5 kids, and I worry about the presence of pthalates and/or BPA in the tubs.

    Any advice from you expert plumbers and homeowners with experience with these products? Also, anyone know how I can get a better deal on my top two choices, if it turns out that Jacuzzi brand is not good? :)
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