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    Hello, thanks in advance for any advise. Sorry to throw in so many questions into one post, hopefully you all can provide some guidance.

    I have an in-ground system that was installed by the previous homeowner, and want to make a few changes. The water source is from a Myers 1HP jet pump drawing from a 15' deep shallow well sand point. I don't know the pressure or flow rate on the outlet of the pump, and want to measure both to ensure I design the system correctly. I have a pressure gauge, but how do you accurately measure flow rate (GPM)? I have conducted one very unscientific test on the flow by connecting a 5/8" hose to the pump and timing the filling of a 5 gallon bucket. That gave me a little under 10 gallons per minute, but I have no idea at what pressure. I would expect this flow to be higher on the irrigation system since it is a 1" pvc pipe on the outlet side.

    The main objective that I would like to accomplish is to add drip irrigation into all my beds. If I was to get drip irrigation into all the areas that I want to, I could potentially have up to 800 feet of drip lines. Surely this will work out to be multiple zones. My primary concern is not having the pump short cycle. I want to be sure that it runs continuously when the drip zones are on. The other zones currently are setup with three maxi-paw rotary heads, or with seven 1800 series pop up sprayers.

    Other things I want to do in the future is replace the rotary heads with rotors for the large areas of lawn. Looked at the rainbird 5000 series for this. On the smaller lawn areas, I want to install a pop up sprayer system using the rotary spray heads.

    Any guidance for installing drip on a shallow well pump? Rules of thumb, etc?

    My other issue is not knowing where two of the five zone valves are located. Why wouldn't the guy who installed this system have put all the valves by the pump in a single manifold? Instead they are scattered out in the yard and like I say, I have found three but two are MIA. Any tricks to finding them besides digging and following lines?
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