Irrigation setup with a well

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    Hello, newbie here.

    I’m trying to irrigate a 4,000 sq ft rectangle. I’m completely new to this and I’ve only been running one or two impact sprinklers in the middle.

    Problem is, I’m running off a well. I have a 10gpm pump and the pressure switch is set at 40/60 psi.

    This morning I was running the sprinklers while watching the gauge, and my pump cycled about 5-6 times in a 30 minute period. This is bad correct? It would kick on at 45psi, then cycle off at 65psi, and the process would repeat.

    I know there are complicated looking methods (to me) on matching up my water flow and pump. I was also looking at CSVs but once again it looks a bit complicated for me. But theoretically, I just need to add more sprinklers or change the nozzles until my pump doesn’t cycle off, correct?
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    That is one method, but adding too much flow will reduce pressure, thereby reducing each sprinkler's coverage area.

    A CSV is a simple addon that will prevent the pump from cycling, regardless of the sprinkler flow rate. As the flow from a CSV is regulated, the sprinklers will be supplied constant pressure and so will not undergo the current repeating 65 > 45 psi decrease and 45 > 65 psi pressure rise.
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  4. drick

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    Yes, keep adding sprinklers until the pump stops cycling. Installing a CSV isn't that complicated and may be a good idea for your situation.
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