Installing utility sink using laundry drain/is my current system up to code?

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    Jul 17, 2021
    We live in a 1920s house with an unfinished basement. My wife and I would like to install a utility sink in our basement near the washing machine. We've been reading the articles and posts on the forum about how to properly tie the utility sink drain into the laundry drainpipe. While we have a good idea of what we want to do, we inherited a lot of the previous homeowners' DIY projects and want to make sure that we do meets code and fix any issues along the way.

    Currently, our washing machine drains directly into a standpipe with a p-trap that is a straight shot to the main drain line. There is no venting of this pipe. If it helps, this is the last drain before it exits the house about 5 feet later.

    Current connection of washing machine to standpipe (the photo cuts off the p-trap, but it is there).
    2021-07-17 16.37.57.jpg

    Here is the connection to the main drain line (the other hoses are from the A/C and a portable dehumidifier):
    2021-07-17 16.38.30.jpg

    Can we add a wye connection after the laundry standpipe as is (see the hand-drawn photo below)? Do we need to add a vent or two? If so, where? Is the way current plumbing drains into the floor up to code?

    2021-07-17 17.03.34.jpg

    Let me know if you need any more information! Thank you!
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