Improving water pressure

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    Help with Improving water pressure

    My well system is about 22 years now. It is a 350' submerged system. The pump is a General 220v. about 11 years old. The well head is about 100 ft. from the crawl space where the 22 yr. old 36 gal. diaphram tank and 1 year old pressure switch is located.
    I have had no major problems but about 2 years ago, I noticed that the pressure was gradually bleeding back during times the pump was off and no outlets were being used.

    I remedied this with a flow control valve between the tank and pump. Realizing this is not the best solution, I want to troubleshoot a permanent solution if possible. ---When the pump was replaced, I noticed that the well pipe was made of 20' sections of PVC pipe. Is it likely that this bleed back is related to a void in one of the joints of this pipe or is it more likely the check valve at the pump?

    Problem #2 is maintaining adequate pressure, especially upstairs. Would a larger diaphram tank help? The settings on the pressure switch is on at ~ 30 lbs. and Off at ~ 55 lbs.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    A foot valve would be installed at the bottom of the draw pipe. If this foot valve is leaking, it will siphon water back out of the system. Or there may be a leak in the pie between the pump and the base of the draw pipe.

    As for pressure, 55 lbs at the tank really should be enough. The pump may be at the edge of its design perameters and not quite strong enough to produce 30lbs at another 10' up. That is quite a deep well. Perhaps a smaller, secondary pump will help maintain usable pressure while the main pump provides water to a larger tank. This will take a fair bit of stress off the main one.
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    I'm guessing the "flow control" is actually a check valve and not a flow control; meaning it limits the gpm flow through it. Adding that was not the right decision because it masked the cause of the problem; a leak between the pump and pressure tank. Now the leak is probably much larger, and it probably is in the well as opposed to underground from the well to the house, and could cause a problem pulling the pump to fix the leak.

    Rather than a leaking threaded joint, you'll probably find a leaking check valve in or on the outlet of the pump. Or a hole worn in the drop pipe.

    Your pressure fluctuation with 30/55 psi, will be more noticeable than 30/50 psi would be. If you want more pressure, go to 40/60 with 39-3 psi air pressure in the tank after draining the tank of all water.
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