Ideas for backwall of alcove area

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  1. mediaman

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    Apr 3, 2013
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    In the middle of a reno on our ensuite and am looking for some ideas for the back wall of the alcove area tub.

    - The wall is 72"h and 76" w
    - There will be white oval drop-in tub on a marble deck.
    - Deck with have a 6" backsplash on the 3 sides.
    - There will be a dark maple bookshelve system on each of the sides.
    - There is also as dark maple towel storage section off of the right).
    - And a removable dark maple access panel
    - There are two pots (on a dimmer) over the tub.

    - aesthetics
    - something practical re soap etc while in the bath

    Initial ideas for the back wall:
    -something dramatic, like all glass tile, but thought it would be too much as there is a lot going on there.
    -also thought of a half-tiled wall, but that did not look so good (on paper) given the side units are full height.
    -thought of putting a marble shelve right across but it s way too heavy, and not practical to install at this point.

    Recent ideas now that we are close:
    - Current plan is to use a combination of tile, glass tile and pencil border as shown in mock-up below.
    - But I think I also need a niche (also in pic) as the deck is too thin at middle and there is nowhere else to hold soap ( other than in the bookcases). (And we dont really like the surface basket. Wife is so-so- on the niche idea, but I don't see too many other options.

    Any other ideas?

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  2. LucyintheSky

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    Mar 26, 2014
    As an artist, I can see that the niche looks funny in your mock up because it straddles several pieces of tile. Drop down one row (or more) under your running glass strip and take one or two pieces of tile out horizontally all the way to the outer grout lines & it will look better. Be sure to pitch the niche ever so slightly so it drains and make sure you can reach it from a sitting position in the tub. When you want soap, sometimes you don't even want to lean forward to get it. You want ease of use. Good luck, wish my bathroom were big enough to do this.
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  4. johnfrwhipple

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    North Vancouver, BC
    Really do not like the framing for the tub deck at all. I think you need some more support there for the Marble.

    Are you planning to waterproof the tub deck and walls a little?

    Is the tub equipped with a shower head (wall mount)?

    Have you heard of ? They have millions of design pictures to look at.

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