Hydrogen Sulfide reduction: chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide

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  1. Karl in NY

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    Jan 28, 2011
    Northern NY
    My recently drilled will apparently have at least 50ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide, based upon the driller's "nose" and on what each adjacent neighbor reports with regard to their wells.

    I know that Gary will recommend a chlorine erosion feeder, since that's apparently the core of his business.

    But, from my readings, it really looks like a H2O2 feeder is a better alternative, using a proportionally-metered peristaltic injection pump, such as the Stenner.

    I'm looking at a packaged system, using the Stenner, followed by a gravel/charcoal filter. I admit I'm a little confused by the need for the charcoal component of the filter, since charcoal doesn't remove H2O2, plus there is a need for an H2O2 residual at the tap for testing purposes. I would have thought a particulate filter to remove oxidized iron and sulphate particles would be all that was needed...

    The packaged systems I'm considering are here:

    I'm not looking for another pissing contest between Gary and Andy, but just want some objective feedback on my tentative decision, hopefully from industry-insiders who are not trying to sell something.

    Regards, and thanks-

  2. Gary Slusser

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    The core of my business... hardly. I sold like a hundred softeners for each chlorinator or filter.

    From the mid 1990s I sold the erosion inline pellet chlorinator because it was and is the best choice for anyone needing that type of treatment. Much less maintenance, no baby sitting like solution feeders, no varying strength of solution problems, no large retention tank if the mixing tank was used, no dumping the retention tank to get the strength correct after something went wrong like not enough chlorine, on'n on.

    That was after selling a fair number of solution feeders back in the late 1980s along with 1 greensand filter that couldn't do the job and then many Pyrolox filters regenerated with chlorinated water out of a salt tank.

    BTW, Andy and a bunch of others were banned so no pissing contests here anymore. Good luck with getting info from industry insiders not trying to sell something; but really, think about it, who knows more about a product than someone that sells and/or services it?

    Hydrogen peroxide is not a good an oxidizer as chlorine and it costs more than chlorine because you usually need a stronger strength than say 5.25% bleach for a solution feeder.

    Ask the solution feeder guys why the carbon filter when peroxide is supposed to be better. Ask yourself if they are just trying to sell something or is is due to the peroxide maybe not getting all the H2S; which is normally the case.

    The nose, a female nose is best, is the best test for H2S and it doesn't matter how much you have unless ya wanna brag about it later, you need to remove all of it.
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